Habey Reveals New ION-Powered Embedded Rig, Quiet As A Mouse

Years back, embedded systems weren't much good in the consumer realm. They were used for rather boring enterprise applications, and not much else. But with the power packed even into low-end CPUs and APUs these days, that's all changing. Habey USA is leading that charge in a way, with the introduction of quite a few interested embedded rigs in recent months. The company's newest is the BIS-6564, combining both Habey’s ICEFIN case design and embedded MITX-6564 board to bring a fanless, high performance embedded system.

Equipped with the low powered dual core Atom and dual heat pipes, the BIS-6564 eliminates the uncertainty of fan failure while operable in temperatures of up to 60C. The NVidia ION 2 GPU together with the powerful dual core Atom onboard provides 10 times the performance capability of integrated graphics displaying full 1080p broadcast with resolution up to 2560x1600 via HDMI. The BIS-6564 adds customizability with the dual internal mini-PCI express expansion slots for WIFI, SSD, or 3G/4G. Whether out in dusty environments or a noise conscious showroom, the BIS-6564 offers a quiet solution for digital signage, LED signage, broadcasting, and HTPC.

The MITX-6564 board the BIS-6564 houses offers necessary I/Os: 1 Gigabit Ethernet, 3 USB 2.0, S/PDIF optical audio, 2 antenna holes for WIFI and Bluetooth, and 1 full RS232 serial port for automatic control. The x86 board along with the capability to hold 4GB DDR3 RAM, allows the BIS-6564 to outreach the confines of the Windows 32-bit O/S into operating Windows 64-bit and Linux/FreeBSD O/S. Underneath the fanless BIS-6564 are 75mm x75mm VESA holes to hold the aluminum system with a set of wall brackets included for optional mounting.  HabeyUSA also offers a turnkey solution with the BIS-6564 providing integration of parts from hard drive/memory to WIFI + Bluetooth expansions and Windows O/S. For OEM/ODM orders, the BIS-6564 can utilize internal headers to be routed out to fit personal project applications furthermore, custom BIOS setup or custom design branding is available for the BIS-6564.

As for pricing? Each one's unique, so you'll have to phone the company for a quote.
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