[H] Spends 30 Days With Linux

[H]Consumer has an interesting article on-line today that details the author's experience after spending 30 days running Linux.  They performed the experiment because of the common complaint that Vista's hardware requirements and product activation issues are huge turn off, and the claim made by many users on various boards that they plan to "switch to Linux.

"Will the consumer really switch to Linux over Vista's annoyances? I believe a few will but the majority won't - this isn't an operating system for the easily frustrated. Certainly the group of people who get easily frustrated at the thought of increased DRM in the Vista system and the group of people who would get frustrated at the Linux learning curve probably overlap a great deal.  However, for those who stick it out throughout the learning curve period, the rewards are great."

If you haven't played with a couple of Live Linux distros, we highly recommend giving them a shot. What you'll probably find is that no Linux distro offers all of the amenities of Windows, but that they're almost all perfectly fine for general use and would make a perfect OS for some small businesses which need nothing more than to run an office suite and browse the web.  Ubuntu and Fedora are great places to start.