[H] on Doom3, SM 3.0, an Asus Burner and More

Good Evening HotHardware Fans!  How's everyone doing?  I hope everybody is having a good week!  Mine has been going fairly well, especially now that the abysmal weather that was hitting the Northeast is gone.  Today was bright and sunny...and I sat my butt right in front of the computer!  Ahhh - The life a true geek.  You've just gotta love it...

 The Official DOOM 3 [H]ardware Guide @ HardOCP:

"While DOOM 3 uses one of the most cutting edge and advanced 3D rendering engines on the planet, it's without hesitation that we say it is also one of the most forgiving in terms of the computer hardware needed. id Software has maximized their install base by creating a game that will be available to more people than most ever imagined."

This is a must read.  All of you that thought you had to upgrade in order to play Doom3 at satisfactory levels may be in luck!

 Smart Shader 3.0 @ CounterStrike.Nu:

"When nVidia released its GeForce 6800 there was a lot of talk about Shader Model 3.0. Lots of talk, but no action, so to speak. However this time we do have new information and three different tests that use Shader Model 3.0. This will be a first glance of how Shader Model 3.0 can affect our view of the GeForce 6 series.

The big star on the testbench is Far Cry 1.2. But not only that, we also have Shadermark 2.1 RCS where we test synthetic Pixel Shader 3.0 performance and D3D RightMark where we test synthetic Vertex Shader 3.0 performance."

 AOpen CRW5232 52X CDRW @ Viper Lair:

"Whether or not you still need a CDRW drive these days will depend a bit on how you use your computer. Personally, I don't find the current CD burning speeds of DVD writers to be fast enough, and considering how much those drives cost in comparison to a standalone CDRW drive, I would prefer to put them through less abuse and not rely on them for CD burning duties."

 Transcend JetFlash 2A 256MB USB 2.0 Flash Drive @ BigBruin.Com:

"The JetFlash 2A is a fine little flash drive. Its silver metallic finish is attractive, and it is well constructed. The protective cap that covers the USB connection fits nicely and snaps on with a reassuring click. Likewise, the write protection switch moves smoothly but locks into place with a noticeable click to let you know it is where you want it."

 ASUS AX800 PRO/TD Graphics Card Review @ Xbitlabs:

"Today we would like to introduce to you an excellent graphics card from ASUS based on ATI X800 PRO chip. The outstanding accessories set, low noise level and crystal-sharp image quality are its major trumps, which would undoubtedly appeal to you. Check out now, how fast this solution can actually be!"

Here is our review of this card for the sake of comparison.

OK, bedtime for the Ol' Woparoo.  See ya soon, brothers and sisters!