GV Mobile + Google Voice App Returns to the App Store

It's back, after what developer Sean Kovacs called "a year and a half of being sick." It's GV Mobile + and it's back in the App Store.

Last year, Apple purged all Google Voice-enabled apps from the App Store. Recently, after Apple published its App Store guidelines, developers noted that their GV-enabled apps did not violate any of those policies, and thus re-submitted themselves. It wasn't a race, but in terms of the first GV app to re-reach the App Store, it was GV Connect, not GV Mobile + that did so.

Of course, the link to GV Mobile + may or may not work for you as yet: it's propagating globally across iTunes servers. You might want to start Tweeting about it, though. Kovacs said on his blog that "I’ll be blowing away some promo codes via Twitter (@seankovacs) once I get them AND if #gvmobile trends on Twitter, I’ll set that bad boy to free for the night."

GV Mobile + is $2.99 on the App Store, just as GV Connect is. Nothing against GV Connect, but we can attest that GV Mobile + was probably the best non-official GV app when it was last in the App Store. This is not the same app that was around then, however. GV Mobile + has been in the Cydia market for jailbroken iPhones since being booted last year.