Guinness Strips Bugatti Veyron of Fastest Production Car World Record

The devil sure is in the details, isn't it? Given that world records generally involve semantics that matter, calling the Bugatti Veyron the "world's fastest production car" relied heavily on specifics. Including specifics involving the test car used to set the record compared to vehicles made available to the public. Despite costing nearly $2 million, the exotic supercar has just lost its Guinness World Record due to an infraction in testing. The record speed was 267.8 miles per hour, but the vehicle used to achieve that feat in July of 2010 did not use a speed restrictor -- and yes, that restrictor is in place on the 30 cars sold to the public. Therefore, the test vehicle wasn't a "production" vehicle in the truest sense.

Guinness World Records issued the following statement: "It has come to the attention of Guinness World Records that there was an oversight in its adjudication of the ‘Fastest production car’ which was set in 2010 by the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. As the car’s speed limiter was deactivated, this modification was against the official guidelines. Consequently, the vehicle’s record set at 431.072 km/h is no longer valid. Following this, Guinness World Records is reviewing this category with expert external consultants to ensure our records fairly reflect achievements in this field."

Bugatti, however, has another take: "Guinness knew the Veyron’s speed limiter was deactivated but that for safety reasons, cars subsequently sold to customers would have their speed limiters activated [set at 258mph]. It’s not a hard blow if we lose this title. The Super Sport is more than just a world-record car."

No love lost, huh?
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