Guess Who Else Has 10 Million Users

In addition to WoW's recent announcement that they've sucked 10 million paying customers into the world of Azeroth, it seems that a player in the world of online piracy has reached the same milestone.  Sweden's own Pirate Bay has topped 10 million unique and simultaneous peer-to-peer users.

“Let's consider these staggering numbers. 10 million simultaneous users represents a number never duplicated by any file-sharing entity. The largest P2P networks, such as FastTrack and eDonkey2000, both topped out with approximately 5 million users. Gnutella, fronted by LimeWire, is more difficult to calculate, however reasonable estimates place Gnutella's population among the P2P heavyweights. Despite these impressive stats, The Pirate Bay has managed to exceed all previous file-sharing populations.”

An interesting fact: Sweden has about 1 million fewer residents than Pirate Bay has concurrent users at its peak.
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