GTA Online Pays Homage To Tron With Epic Light Cycle Racing Mode

If you love to play Grand Theft Auto Online and enjoy the “Tron” aesthetic, you are in for a special treat. A new vehicle, a light cycle racing mode, and unlockable in-game bonuses are now available on GTA Online through November 21st, 2016. Jeff Bridges not included, of course.

First off, “Deadline” is a racing mode that pits up to four players against each other. The players are given a “Shotaro” vehicle that emits a temporary light trail as they drive around the arena. If a competitor comes in contact with one of the light trails, they immediately explode. Players can use “Boost” to speed ahead, “Zoned” to slow down, and “Hop” to leap over their opponent’s deadly light trail. “Deadline” participants can earn Double GTA$ and RP.

gta online tron race

Second, players who participate in “Deadline” can unlock the “blazingly fast” Nagasaki Santoro for purchase at the Legendary Motorsport. The vehicle is “packed with enough energy to power the Los Santos grid and sporting the looks of an auto show concept vehicle”. Players can also unlock for purchase the Deadline Outfit and, for a limited time, receive a free Nagasaki Logo Tee.

Next, players can receive discounts and bonuses until November 21st, 2016. Players will receive 25 percent off Business supplies and resupplies plus an extra 50 percent GTA$ and 2X RP from Biker Business Sales. They will also get 25 percent off the Karin Technical vehicle, the Savage vehicle, Bullet Ammo, Throwables and Explosives, Body Armor, and Drum and Box Magazines, and 50 percent off the MTL Brickade vehicle.

Last but not least, between November 8th to the 21st, players can participate in Over the Bridge Stunt Race, locked to Bikes. Players will race across the La Puerta freeway and Los Santos docklands. Everyone who participates will receive triple RP and the top three will win large GTA$ prizes.
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