GScreen SpaceBook Notebook Has Dual 17.3" Displays

Notebooks have largely remained the same for years. They have become smaller and more powerful, but the clamshell design is definitely one that's tried and true. A few companies have deviated from time to time, including Lenovo with their W700ds a few years back. But that "pull-out" monitor never really made it to another Lenovo model; hard to say if sales were sluggish or consumer feedback just wasn't positive, but either way, the company definitely reeled things back in after that.

But the GScreen doesn't really mind the past. The company has just introduced the 17" SpaceBook, a gigantic notebook that opens up and unfurls two 17.3" 1080p monitors. That's two panels with one laptop. It's definitely the wildest notebook design we've seen in years, and it looks like a total home run for A/V editing pros that simply can't get enough screen real estate when editing on-the-go.

Due to having twin screens here, it's obviously much bulkier and heavier than most standard notebooks, but it also provides something incredible that no other notebook on the market does. It's difficult to say at this point whether this wild, outlandish design will take off with consumers, but even if it remains a niche product, it's one that we can't help but applaud. The pre-orders are open now, with two main models to choose from. Pricing starts at $2395 for a Core i5 system, with the Core i7 build reaching to $3795. Pricey, but hey -- two displays!