Griffin StompBox Lets Your iPad Rock Out Properly

Some people say that tablets simply have no business in the real, working world. They aren't powerful enough, the lack real keyboards, they rarely use a real, desktop-based OS. The list goes on and on. Some say that tablets are only for casual users doing casual things, but what about this? Griffin has just given the iPad one of its most impressive abilities yet with the StompBox, and it's this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that could truly push tablets to the next level. Last year, we said that the iPad was good, but not great. However, it felt like it had the potential to become something great; iOS is a platform poised to grow, and this is the kind of potential we had envisioned.

The StompBox is a pedal controller for the iPad, and it's also functional with the iPhone and iPod touch. Griffin describes it as a pro-quality foot controller for musical apps, offering four assignable foot switches, a 1/4" effects pedal input jack and a heavy-duty connector cable to plug into the iPad's dock connector port. There's also an included GuitarConnect cable for connecting your instrument, and it was developed in particular for Frontier Design's iShred Live app, which is available on its own in the App Store.

The box will work with all StomBox-enabled apps, and in addition to use in music settings, StompBox can act as an assignable controller for other foot-switch-compatible applications. It will ship "soon" for $99.99, and we're sure guitarists everywhere will be looking to at least try this out. It may not replace your existing pedal setup, but there's no doubt that it has the potential to.