"Green" PC manufacturer Everex closes its US arm

Once touted as the manufacturer who put Linux-powered PCs on the shelves at Wal-Mart, troubled Everex has closed its US operations and headed for home. While it operated in the US, Everex was noted both for its ultra-low-cost systems and the fact that its computers used Linux rather than Windows.

Everex also teamed up with web OS/applications provider Zonbu and offered Zonbu-based solutions in both a desktop and a laptop form factor. Everex was apparently unable to leverage the cautious praise it earned for some of these efforts into an effective profit engine. It's unclear if Everex's departure from the US is a sign of further product changes to come or if the company is simply recentering around its most profitable markets in the Far East. If any of you actually have Zonbu's premium service, it doesn't seem to have been effected by its partner's announcement—the premium service is still offered for $14.95 a month.

Everex's original Zonbu PC, based on a VIA C7 processor.
Everex is one of the only PC manufacturers that's built netbook or similar solutions using VIA processors; it's not clear how the OEM's retrenchment will affect VIA's bottom line.  Almost exactly 12 months ago, VIA's CN processor (codenamed Nano) appeared poised to give Intel's mini-ITX-based Atom a run for its money. Manufacturing issues and a dearth of OEM wins have dogged Nano for the past year, however, and the chip has been correspondingly slow to market. As of this writing, NewEgg lists just one VIA Nano-based ItX motherboard: the Jetway JNF77-N1G6-LF.

To date, Atom has virtually owned the netbook market; it would be nice to see additional competition in this one-horse race.
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