Green Lasers Rule

If there's anything cooler than laser beams, I haven't seen them. You can buy better hardware than Captain Kirk had from these days. You'll have to get your own green space babes, but Cool Tools has a roundup on the available models of green colored laser beams pointers for sale, cheap, right now. Why green? 

At night this AAA battery powered green laser pointer can seemingly touch the stars millions of miles away. Compared to a red laser pointer, the green beam remains visible and penetrates the air much farther. Because of its particular spectrum you see the beam and not just the end dot. Also, it's about 50 times brighter than an ordinary red laser pointer -- using the same safe low power. On a clear night it can easily shine a dot a mile away.

Endlessly useful for folks trying to point things out, like astronomers, lecturers, birdwatchers, arborists, police and firemen, building inspectors, and just plain fooling around. Useful for pointing out things without touching them also, if you're in a "no electrostatic discharge" walk of life.

Do we even have to remind you not to point them at airplanes?

Green Laser Pointers

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