Grandview, MO Next To Get Lit-Up by Google Fiber

Suburb by suburb, the area surrounding Kansas City, Mo. is lighting up with gigabit Internet, thanks to the Google Fiber project. Downtown Kansas City has been enjoying super-fast Internet connectivity for a while, now, but many suburbs are still waiting to be lit up. Google announced on its blog that Grandview, Mo. will be soon be joining the Google Fiber club.

Map of Google Fiber in Kansas City, Mo.
Wondering if you're in a Google Fiber-eligible zone? Check Google's K.C. map. Image Credit: Google.

Google Fiber isn’t the only game in the U.S. (CenturyLink just announced that it will upgrade Omaha, Neb. to gigabit speeds, soon), but it’s getting attention for its prices, which aren’t far from what some customers pay for much slower speeds. Gigabit Internet is up to 10 times faster than the speeds some ISPs provide, meaning more bandwidth for everything your family (or business) does on the Internet.

That brings the total number of Kansas City areas to get Google Fiber to 10. Aside from Grandview, the most recent parts of town to get the green light are Olathe, Kan. and Shawnee, Kan. In fact, Shawnee was just announced at the beginning of this month.