Grading On A Curve: Sony Launches Curved 4K Bravia S90 TV

When it comes to in-home televisions, two things are blossoming: 4K and curved displays. So, why not combine the two? That's exactly what Sony has done with its new 4K Bravia S90 HDTV, which is a stunning work of art that just so happens to showcase ultra high-definition content in its native resolution. The set is being teased in the run-up to IFA, which is essentially a CES-level trade show happening next month in Berlin.

The Bravia S90 will ship in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes, and each one is beautifully curved. The usual bells and whistles are here, including a Trilumios Display, X-tended Dynamic Range, and an X-Reality Pro engine that'll upscale all inputs to 4K. There's also an all-new 4.2-channel multi-angle live speaker system, and if you need a bit more low end, there's an optional wireless subwoofer to boot.

You'll also get live video chatting over Skype, one-touch mirroring, and one can only assume a very, very snazzy remote. We should learn more about a release date and pricing once IFA gets going in earnest.