Got Patches?

It's autumn, and that means that it's time for Microsoft security flaws to turn red and fall from your computer. Phishers and scammers and hackers are worried that you'll become bored with assaults on Microsoft Internet Explorer and phony Paypal notifications, so they're attacking Microsoft Word and Powerpoint programs, among other methods this time:

Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday released six patches to fix software flaws that carry its highest threat rating, including three for defects that attackers were already trying to exploit. The company said all six of the critical flaws could allow an attacker to obtain some access to other people's computers. The Redmond software maker also released four other patches to fix vulnerabilities that the company deemed less severe.

Microsoft describes the flaws as "zero day," meaning the hackers are exploiting the flaws before Microsoft even hears of them, so they are rushing to release patches for these right away.

Most Powerpoint presentations make me want to commit suicide already. Adding malicious code to them is like adding insult to injury.

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