Google's White Nexus 4 Sells Out, Now Only Available At T-Mobile

If you were casually checking your bank account, waiting to save up enough to spring for one of Google's limited-edition Nexus 4 devices in sparkling white, there's some bad news for you: it's completely sold out, and it's not coming back. Google has said that another batch won't be produced, as the handset was always intended to be a limited run. The Nexus 4 itself has been a huge hit in the unlocked space, offering a pure Android experience in an off-contract form for under $300.

Both the 8GB and 16GB white units are now listed as unavailable, but if you're really after one, you have two options: the secondhand market (like eBay), or snap one up from T-Mobile at a premium. Only while those supplies last, though!