Google's Santa Tracker Returns With Elf Selfies And Multiplayer Snowball Fights

Any parent of younger kids who are big Santa fans know that a great tech friend on Christmas Eve is the Santa Tracker app from Google. This app will keep you from having to constantly answering the all important "Where is Santa?" question, all night and generally make your life easier. The Santa Tracker app from Google has officially opened since we are only a few weeks away from Christmas.

Santa Tracker App By Google

The Santa Tracker apps looks much like it did in years past and has a countdown clock so little ones (and big ones, no judging) can see how far away Santa's big night is. You can visit the website for the Santa Tracker and get the same data you get ton the app version. Santa's Village is open every day through December 24 and has games to play and virtual art projects.

Google Santa Tracker Games

Kids can learn to code with the Code Boogie game that helps an elf to get his boogie on. Santa's Canvas allows the creation of original artwork and this year a giant virtual snowball fight will take place. This year there is a new "Santa Snap" game that is only available for the Android app that allows you to fly a jet pack-wearing elf around the globe in Google Maps and take "elfies" at famous landmarks.

Will Ferrell Elf

That game uses the accelerometer of the smartphone to focus the lens and take pictures at just the right time. When Christmas Eve rolls around the main function of the app goes live with the ability to track Santa as he makes his way around the world. This year you an ask Google Assistant where Santa is using the phrase "Ok Google, where is Santa." This will work on Android, iPhone and Google Home.

Google has also bundled in resources for Christmas on the education page, allowing teachers to download lesson plans with video tutorials and access educational games. Most features are offered on Android, iOS, and Chrome.