Google's Nexus One Returns As Developer Phone

Well, this is awkward. We all attended the virtual funeral for Google's Nexus One, and now it's back? How does one act at a resuscitation, anyway? For years now, a dressed up HTC G1 was known as Google's Android developer phone, but given that things have evolved since then, the company was due a revised dev handset. And what better phone than the Nexus One to take over that torch and run with it?

That's exactly what's happening this week, but it's a bit of an odd promotion. The Nexus One is now officially Google's Developer Phone, with an unlocked price of $529, which is exactly what the standard Nexus One ran consumers last month before selling out at Google's store. Here's what is really interesting: the new Developer Phone looks like it's exactly the same phone as the consumer one. did the consumer version just sell out? Clearly they weren't really "sold out."

It's hard to complain either way. Google says that these phones will ship with Android 2.1, but will update to 2.2 shortly after you turn it on. It's completely unlocked of course, but it looks like only the T-Mobile version will be sold. You'll also need to be a registered Android developer in order to login and buy one. So, welcome back Nexus One. Hopefully it won't be too weird having you back around.