Google's Nexus 5 Gets Potential Cameo at the FCC

Something that's become rather clear over the past year or so is that when some info trickles out about a new Google Nexus product, the Web jumps all over it like wild savages. It kind of - just kind of - reminds me of how things used to be whenever a new piece of info leaked out about Apple's upcoming iPhones. While Google's sure to hate leaks, it should at least feel a little proud that its Nexus line has gone from nothing to highly-desired in just a couple of years.

We've already heard a lot about the upcoming Nexus 5 (still unannounced) over the past couple of months, with rumors just a couple of weeks ago that it's bound to share a similar design as LG's G2. However, in a recent marketing video Google posted (and then removed) showing off its massive KitKat Android outside its HQ, an employee was holding what clearly appeared to be a Nexus 5 - and it didn't have the back volume slider that the G2 has, causing some to breathe a sigh of relief.

In the latest "leak", a not-so-mysterious phone passed through the FCC offices, and *gasp*, the back of the phone fits a similar profile as the aforementioned phone seen in Google's marketing video. Dubbed the LG D820, the phone sports a 5-inch screen (obviously) and an almost full gamut of wireless mobile standards we'd expect to see in North America. Thanks to some eagle-eyed folk, it also appears that the Nexus 5 LG D820 will feature a Snapdragon 800 processor.

Alright, let's face it: This phone looks to be the Nexus 5, and with it having gone through the FCC, it appears that its reveal could happen soon. However, the one hang-up could be if KitKat needs some last-minute polish, such as with an en masse find & replace of "Key Lime Pie" > "KitKat", as it seems clear that Google would rather release its next major phone with its next major OS.