Google’s Nest Gets Cozier With Acquistion Of Revolv Home Automation Startup

When Google does something, it tends to do it big. So when the company made its acquisition of Nest earlier this year, there was little doubt that it was going to make a noticeable impact on the home automation market. But Nest is more hardware-focused than software-focused, and the software it does have affects nothing other than its own line.

That's not a roadblock that Google enjoyed being behind, so it's pushed on through and has announced an acquisition of Revolv, a Colorado-based company with a decade of experience in home automation software.

While Revolv has its own hardware product, Google has no interest in it. In fact, the company has already pulled the plug on it. Ultimately, Google's biggest interest here is the brainpower behind Revolv, so the company is to remain right where it is in Boulder.

Revolv's first order-of-business after this acquisition is to shift its focus towards Nest's 'Works With Nest' platform, which is the part of the company that works with developers to improve the company's product's third-party support.

The effects of this acquisition are immediate, so it shouldn't take too long before we begin to see the fruits of this labor.