Google’s Mystery Barge Plans Include “Unprecedented Artistic Structure”

As it is now, the mysterious Google-owned barge sitting in San Francisco Bay is decidedly barge-like, which is to say that it’s blocky and ugly, and the presumption is that when the company eventually finishes converting it to a tech showroom to display wares such as Google Glass to high-end clientele, it would be gussied up a bit.

That presumption, it appears, falls far short of what Google is actually planning. According to SFGate, documents filed with the Port of San Francisco indicate that Google is going to create an "unprecedented artistic structure" out of the thing, replete with “sails” that sort of look like fins. Judging from an artist rendering that was submitted with the documents, the barge would retain a boxy, all-white look with the clear sails providing an attractive flair.

Google barge with sails artist rendering
Artist rendering (Credit: By and Large LLC via SFGate)

Word has also emerged that the 250-foot-long, 50-foot-high structure will be less of a showroom and, according to Google, more of an "interactive space where people can learn about new technology”. It appears that there will be exhibit space that’s available to the public and could draw around 1,000 visitors a day and generally bring some excitement to the waterfront.

Google barge with sails artist rendering
Artist rendering, interior (Credit: By and Large LLC via SFGate)

The structure will be moved around to various points in the Bay every month or so and perhaps travel to other ports such as San Diego.