Google’s ‘Mind-Reading’ Search Answers Your Questions Before You Finish Typing

When Google introduced "Instant" to its search engine five years ago, it quickly became another feature that cemented Google as many persons' go-to provider. With features like that and the overall accuracy, it's no wonder why Google hogs 65% of the world's search market share.

Well... it looks like Google's search is about to become even better. So much better, in fact, that it aims to answer a question before you can even ask it. A good example can be seen below:

Google Search

On the left, a question was answered with the mere query "when did Hawaii", but admittedly, that's not that impressive. How many other questions are going to start like that? On the right, though, an even more impressive example can be seen: removing Hawaii from the term results in a list of common queries to be displayed with the answer for the first one given.

As with most service updates from Google, this functionality isn't going to be available to everyone from the get go. I gave it a test, and failed (using the same queries above), but I'd suspect it won't take long before everyone can take advantage of this cool search tweak.