Google's Latest Android Goggles Solves Sukoku, Reads Print Ads

Google Goggles on Android received an update to 1.3 on Monday. In addition to speed fixes for barcode scanning and the ability to recognize magazine print ads, Google Goggles can now give Sukoku players a cheat ... or rather, treat.

Here are the changes, as noted in Google's blog post:


In Android version 1.3 of Google Goggles, scanning barcodes is much faster. It should take only a second, the company said. Once you do that, Goggles will give you the resultant bar code, which you can then tap to read product reviews, compare prices, and even check in-store availability.

Print ads in magazines and newspapers

Take a picture of a newspaper or magazine ad from an issue August 2010 or newer, and Goggles will recognize the ad and return seach results about the product or brand. Since they put in that line about August 2010 or later, that means someone (or more than one) at Google must have been spending time scanning ads into a database, from August of last year, onwards. Not the most interesting work, we would think.


The final gimmick added to Google Goggles is the ability to solve Sudoku puzzles. We have never been that great at Sudoku, but we tried the new feature on a puzzle, and not only did it recognize the puzzle as a Sudoku game, it solved it as well. Admittedly we had it set on "easy mode."

Watch a video on the Sudoku solving feature below.

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