Google’s HOT Nexus 9 Tablet Arrives To The Play Store In 16GB And 32GB Flavors

The first Nexus slate loaded with a 64-bit architecture and Android 5.0 is now available to ship, and if you're a sucker for impulse buys, we apologize in advance for bringing this to your attention. The Nexus 7 was amongst our favorite tablets of 2013, despite it being a lower-end affair that was aimed at the masses. The HTC-built Nexus 9, however, is a different animal. It's an upscale model that pulls no punches on the materials list, offering up an 8.9-inch panel with a 2048x1536 native resolution, a gorgeous chassis, and a 2.3GHz NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor. In other words, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more potent slate on the market today.

The 16GB Wi-Fi model can be purchased for $399 in black, white, and sand, while an extra 16GB of storage (totaling 32GB) raises the entry price to $479. Those wanting an LTE model will have to pay $599 for the 32GB edition, though those models aren't shipping out quite yet.