Google's Gmail, Drive, and Docs Services Down for Some

Having trouble sending or receiving email on your Gmail account today? Don't bother tinkering with your account settings, the problem probably isn't on your end, not unless your issues manifested immediately following any changes you might have made. Otherwise, point the finger at Google, which has acknowledged that some of its online services are suffering disruptions today.

Google began investigating reports of an issue with Gmail at 8:58 AM EST this morning. Nine minutes later, the search giant said it was still looking into the service disruption, adding that it's affecting less than 0.007 percent of all Gmail users. The latest update came at 9:51 AM, in which Google stated it has restored service for "some users" and expects a resolution for all users shortly.

Gmail Meme

Several other services were hit as well, including Google Drive, Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations, all of which Google says it hopes to restore for "all users in the near future." Google's Admin control panel / API is also having trouble today, though unlike the other services, Google says the disruption is "affecting a significant subset of users."