Google's Deal with Green Throttle Gaming Could Mean a Set-Top Box is Imminent

The Internet is abuzz with speculation on Google's future plans following news that the search giant acquired certain assets of Green Throttle Games, a Santa Clara-based startup that crowdfunded the creation of an Android-based virtual gaming console and Atlas game controller. On the surface, it appears Google is collecting pieces that will be part of a bigger whole -- specifically, a multi-functional set-top box.

Alternately, Google could decide to take on Ouya and other Android-based micro-consoles, though that hardly seems like something the company would spend its time and energy on. The more likely scenario is that Green Throttle Games will be integrated into a bigger project, though it's not clear which assets Google acquired.

Green Throttle Controller

According to Pando Daily, a Google spokesperson confirmed there was a deal in place, but that spokesperson wouldn't divulge terms of the deal. That said, it's being reported that part of the agreement includes former Green Throttle staff, including two of the three co-founders, Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend. The other co-founder, Charles Huang (who also co-founded RedOctane, developer of Guitar Hero), retains rights over the Green Throttle business.

Rumor has it that Google is looking to prop up its upcoming set-top box on games. Google's foray into the living room has been slow going up to this point, but with more and more users clipping their cable subscriptions in favor of streaming media, the time finally be right for Google to make another move into the living room space, especially if it can bring some gaming into the mix.