Google’s Chrome OS 42 Brings Google Now-Infused App Launcher

Google released an update for Chrome OS late last week. Chromebook users have had the weekend to form an opinion of the new Launcher, which has Google Now integration and improved typed and voice search functionality. So far, the reaction to Chrome OS 42 is mixed.

Comments posted on Google’s Chrome Releases blog suggest that some Chrome users aren’t seeing Google Now cards in the new Launcher. “I concur with other posters who complained they can’t find Google Now,” user Jim Thompson commented on Google’s blog post. “I still get cards in Notifications and have no access to Google Now from the launcher.”

Chrome OS 42 has some welcome fixes but some users are not seeing Google Now cards where they expect them.

One user noted that he also isn’t getting Google Now in notifications, as well as the Launcher.

Other improvements to Google Chrome OS 42 include a default typeface and support for password-protected zip files. The OS also has an improved calculator app. So far, the feature that’s generating the most buzz is the Chrome app Launcher, but if you spot a problem with other features (or want to chime in about the Launcher), you can post a comment to Google’s blog or file a bug report.