Google Will Start Reminding You of Your Friends’ Birthdays, Like Facebook

Everyone appreciates a little love on their birthdays, and nothing in human history has done a better job of reminding your friends and family to wish you well on your big day than Facebook (whether you like it or not). Now, Google is adding birthday reminders to your daily Web searching via Google+, too.

That’s right folks, when you share your day of birth with people in your G+ Circles, they’ll receive a notification when they’re on Google’s home page (and probably elsewhere, as the feature rolls out), and--wouldn’t you know it--they can use Google Plus to leave you a message or a clever photo or video.

Google birthdays

You have to hand it to Google; using the most-used search engine on the planet to bait users into generating traffic for its also-ran social network is a smart move. On the other hand, you may not see many birthday notifications on Google, because you may not have very many colleagues, friends, or family on Google Plus.