Google 'Who's Down' Android And iOS App Shows Which Of Your Friends Is Ready To Rally With You

Coordinating an activity with a group of friends isn't always easy. It looks like Google wants to change that -- as well as tap into your spontaneous side -- through a new app for Android and iOS deviced called "Who's Down - Fall 2015" (just Who's Down from here on out). The only thing is, you need to an invite to use it.

Based on the app's description and accompanying screenshot, the premise seems simple. When you're bored or otherwise free to do something, you flip the slider on the app's main page "to let friends know you're down to meet up." Your status lasts for a set period of time -- a screenshot shows 3 hours, though we imagine it's something you can customize.

Who's Down Screenshots

You then pick from a list of activities or create your own custom one indicating what you're down for. Maybe you're down to "grab tacos" or "go for a hike," to use two of Google's examples, though presumably it can be anything. Yes, anything (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Of course, Google isn't marketing the app as a booty-call finder, and though some will probably use it as such, I doubt it become known for that. I say that because similar fears in Snapchat's early days proved largely unfounded.

There's also a chat function in Who's Down that supports group messaging. Once you've found one more participants who are willing to try out that new bistro down the block, you can message back and forth with them to nail down specifics, like when you want to meet and who needs a ride.

It appears Google is primarily targeting college students. You can request an invite through the app, and when you do, it asks for your email address and school name, the latter of which is proving a point of consternation among some.

Who's Down Screenshots

"What's this 'school name'? I've been out of school for 8 years but still party hard like I was in college. But you're telling me that I can't use this app to see who's available to party with me cuz I'm not in school? I call foul!," a 2-star (out of 5) user review reads.

That's not exactly true. I left the school field plan and requested an invite with just my email address. The message that popped up was that my reservation was filed and that invites are being sent out in the order received. Hopefully Google is quick to dole them out, otherwise the app won't be able to thrive.

If you want to download the app and request an invite, you can grab it from Google Play or iTunes.