Google: We're Activating 300,000 Android Phones Each Day

It's official ladies and gentlemen, Google's Android platform is stupid popular. We can say that because, according to an engineering VP for the sultan of search, the Android army grows stronger by more than 300,000 smartphone activations every 24 hours. That comes out to 2.1 million activations a week, or more than 109 million a year, assuming the rate of new activations remains stagnant.

News of Android's success came in the form of a short and sweet tweet (aren't they all?) posted by Google's Andy Rubin. That's all he said, yet he managed to speak volumes about Google's mobile OS in just his second Twitter post ever.

Need help wrapping your head around the significance here? Consider that Apple claims it activates 270,000 iPhones each day, 30,000 less than Google for each 24 hour period, 210,000 less per week, and more than 10.9 million less per year (again assuming the rate of activations doesn't change for either company).

Yeah, it's like that, and we have yet to see what impact Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and Honeycomb will have on these figures.