Google Wants More Power Effecient PCs

Today Google has presented a paper at the Intel Developer Forum, requesting the industry create a more efficient power supply. Today's current brand of PSUs convert high-voltage alternating current to low-voltage direct current, and Google is looking to change that by using a single 12-volt standard.

"The Google proposal is similar in its intent to an existing effort by the electric utility industry to offer computer makers financial incentives for designing more efficient power supplies for personal computers. Existing PC power supplies vary widely in efficiency, from as high as 90 percent to as low as 20 percent. The existing effort, 80 Plus, sets an 80 percent efficiency standard as a goal. It is a partnership between Ecos Consulting, an environmental consulting firm, and a group of electric utility companies. Ecos began measuring the efficiency of computer power supplies in 2003 and found that none of them met the efficiency standard."