Google Voice Now Requires No Invite (in the US) To Join

Google has revolutionized a few things in their short time on Earth as a mega-corporation, with search being at the top. But they've also created the only real rival to Apple's iOS system, and they've also changed the way the world thinks about e-mail and cloud-based Office suites. Now, Google is hoping to change telecommunications, with Google Voice taking a major leap out into the world.

For well over a year, Google Voice has been an invite-only service. Basically, anyone with a Google Voice number (which in the US is just a standard 10-digit phone number) can arrange to have that number ring all of their phones, and any voicemail left to that number can be checked anywhere in the world, from a PC or phone, and those voicemails can even be sent via e-mail or text thanks to Google's voice translation service. The translations aren't always spot-on, but they're getting there.

Google Voice users can also call each other over Wi-Fi for free, and they can even send/receive text messages for free. Of course, the service is still U.S. only for now, but at least today no invites are needed to join. Anyone in the United States can now sign up and get a Voice number for no charge, so why not do so and then figure out how to implement it into your life? Over a million others have, so what are you waiting for?