Google Voice Mobile Apps (sans IPhone) Released

Google Voice is great. It gives you a one number that you can give out which rings different phones (or goes straight to voicemail) depending on the caller. You can even call someone and have them see your Google Voice number by calling your Google Voice number, logging in, and pressing 2. Ah, but how much easier would it be if we didn't need to take that extra step. That's the point behind these mobile apps.

On Wednesday, Google is releasing mobile apps for both Android and BlackBerry. These will allow users to make calls with their Google Voice number without the step outlined above.

Naturally, as Android is Google's platform, the Android app is the most integrated version, taking over the native dialer, address book and call log. More typically for something that doesn't integrate as deeply, the Blackberry app uses its own dialer. What could you expect, though?

As far as the missing pieces, Windows Mobile and iPhone, there wasn't any comment on WM, but as far as iPhone goes, it's on the way. No indication on what the holdup is, but it could be because the app is not as "perfect" as Apple wants, or if there is a technical holdup.

Android users can find the app in the Android Market or on Google's mobile site, but BlackBerry users will have to download the app from Google rather than from the BlackBerry App World.

Watch a video which shows an obvious T-Mobile G1: