Google Unveils Tasty 'AIY' Do-It-Yourself AI Voice Kit For Raspberry Pi

ait voice kit 2
Are you a do-it-yourself fiend that is always looking for a new project to tackle? Well, Google is calling out to you with its new Artificial Intelligence Yourself (AIY) Projects initiative, which will allow Makers to get their hands dirty with DIY AI projects.

The first fruit produced by Google’s AIY program is Voice Kit, which leverages the power of the Raspberry Pi platform and gives you complete access to the Google Assistant. When you obtain a kit, you’ll be supplied with the following components:

  • Google Voice Hardware Accessory on Top (HAT) accessory board
  • Stereo microphone Voice HAT board
  • Arcade-style push button
  • 3-inch speaker
  • All necessary wiring
  • Custom cardboard case
You will have to supply your own Raspberry Pi board to have a functioning device (Google says that it tested Voice Kit with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B). The so-called Voice User Interface (VUI) will be valued of leveraging the Google Assistant SDK and the Cloud Speech API. Google says that by following its online instructions, you should be able to complete construction of the Voice Kit in around an hour and a half. So, this is a relatively easy way to make your own cheap alternative to Google Home or Amazon Echo.
ait voice kit 1

Unfortunately, the only way currently get the Voice Kit is through Raspberry Pi’s official “The MagPi” magazine. It will come bundled free with the print edition of “The MagPi” (issue 57). If you don’t already subscribe to the magazine, you can grab a copy at Barnes & Noble stores.