Google Two-Step Login Process Available to Everyone

You don't have to have any rhythm to do the Google Two-Step, which isn't a dance, but a much more secure log-in process. It was previously only available to Google Apps customers, but in a blog post on Thursday, the sultan of search announced it was extending the functionality to all users. So what exactly is this new-fangled two-step verification process, you ask?

"2-step verification requires two independent factors for authentication, much like you might see on your banking website: your password, plus a code obtained using your phone," Google explains.

Over the next few days, Google will add a new 'Using 2-step verification' link to all Accounts pages. For those of you who decide you wanted the added security, just click and follow the setup wizard.

"Once you enable 2-step verification, you'll see an extra page that prompts you for a code when you sign in to your account," Google said. "After entering your password, Google will call you with this code, send you an SMS message, or give you the choice to generate the code for yourself using a mobile application on your Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone device. The choice is up to you. When you enter this code after correctly submitting your password we'll have a pretty good idea that the person signing in is actually you."

Google acknowledges the obvious, that this is an extra step, but says it will significantly improve security of your Google Account. Also, you'll have the option of having your PC 'remember' the verification code for up to 30 days if you wish.
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