Google To Sell Own Smartphone: The Nexus One

Wow, talk about reviving something from the dead. Years back, when Google was just beginning their quest to dominate the world in every imaginable aspect, rumors were swirling about a "Googlephone" that no one could prove was actually real. Amazingly, it seems that such a device may have actually been talked about back in the day, as some sort of Googlephone actually has shown up this weekend. If you'll remember back, those rumors all but died when the HTC-built G1 came out. People simply assumed that the "Googlephone" was nothing more than another word for an Android-based phone, but instead of having just one, Android would be an OS that could be used on many devices.

Now, multiple outlets are confirming that a real-deal Google Phone is in the works, and at least a prototype version already exists. We're hearing that it may end up being called the Nexus One, though the design doesn't look all that shocking based on images that have surfaced so far. Honestly, it looks like an HTC built device, with a trackball at the bottom, a large touch panel and a few major hard buttons. It's supposedly as slim (or a touch slimmer) than the iPhone 3GS, but based on what we're seeing, it won't revolutionize the phone industry.

Other unconfirmed tidbits include a 5MP camera, flash memory and what will almost definitely be Android as the OS. We still know far too little about this device to make any final judgments on it, but it will certainly be interesting to see if Google produces and markets its own phone. What will something like this mean for the gaggle of Android phones already out (and those on the way out)? Will Google give its own phone something special that third-party Android phones will lack? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Apple has to be sweating. This is the first real threat to their dominance in the US smartphone market, and if Google can get this out to multiple carriers, the iPhone could seriously lose some of its market share.