Google To Make Good With Chromebook Pixel Owners Shorted On Verizon Data, $150 Credit

It's very likely Google knew from the outset that its Chromebook Pixel with LTE would be a tough sell at $1,449 (price at launch in April 2013), even with its glorious 2560x1700 touchscreen display. To help take some of the sting out of the price tag, Google teamed with Verizon Wireless to offer two years of free data. It was only for 100MB per month, but a still a nice incentive to make the leap, or at least it was until Verizon seemingly reneged on the deal, leaving it up to Google to make good with its customers. And that's what the Mountain View company is doing.

Google is offering affected customers a $150 credit that will come in the form of a Visa gift card, according to Computerworld's JR Raphael, who first reported on the vanishing data plan. Any customer who purchased an LTE Chromebook Pixel while the two-year data plan was being offered will receive the credit.

Chromebook Pixel

"While this particular issue is outside of our control, we appreciate that this issue has inconvenienced some of our users," a Google spokesperson said.

It's a pretty bizarre situation since nobody seems to know why Verizon pulled the plug on the second year of data. Up to this point, Verizon has yet to issue a statement on the matter, though it may have to defend itself in court -- at least one law firm has already begun contacting LTE Chromebook Pixel customers to investigate the matter and see if a lawsuit might be an appropriate course of action.

If you're affected by this, you're encouraged to contact Google's Play Store support center to initiate the process.