Google to Launch Subscription-Based Streaming Music Service

The world needs another paid streaming music service like it needs, well, another paid streaming music service, but let's not be pessimistic about a possible newcomer in Google, as is rumored to be the case. We'll know more as Google I/O progresses, though for now, word on the web is that Google is throwing its trombone into the paid streaming music arena, and there's reason why Spotify and others should take notice.

After speaking with "people familiar with the matter," The Wall Street Journal reports Google has already inked deals with Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group. Google's services would, for a fee, provide users with unlimited access to a collection of songs.

Google Music

This is different than Google's existing music service, which lets users buy tracks or albums. What we're looking at now is a paid subscription model akin to Spotify, Slacker, and so forth. How much the service will cost isn't yet known, though as a point of reference, Spotify charges $10 per month for unlimited access, while Pandora charges $4 per month for ad-free service (Pandora doesn't support on-demand access to tracks).