Google To Issue Replacements For Firmware Bricked Google Home Speakers

google home mini
Google has made a lot of inroads with its "Home" family of Google Assistant-powered smart speakers that include the Home, Home Mini, and Home Max. However, in recent months, some users have been left with non-functioning devices due to faulty firmware upgrades.

After a failed firmware update, the affected devices will seemingly reboot normally, yet show all four LEDs lit up. Once this happens, the device is no longer responsive and will not answer to any voice commands. However, according to Android Police, some users were able to get their Homes to break free of this failsafe mode by powering cycling the device. 

google home

In addition, some users have been able to factory reset their devices by holding down the microphone buttons for 15 seconds (Google Home) or pressing the reset button on the bottom of the device (Google Home Mini). But for many customers, neither solution has been enough to bring their devices back to life.

Now, Google has issued a statement that acknowledges that ongoing issues and its remedy:

We are aware that a small number of Google Home and Google Home Mini devices are affected by an issue that causes the device to stop working. We have a fix that will prevent the issue from happening and will be rolling it out soon. We are replacing affected devices.

In other words, for those that have Home speakers that are still functioning, a future firmware update will resolve whatever issue that is triggering failure in the devices. For those that are currently left with a bricked Home because of the firmware update, Google will replace it free of charge.

At this time, Google has not indicated how this exchange process will work or when it will begin. What we do know, however, is that the free exchanges are eligible for devices that are either in- or out-of-warranty.