Google To Build 'Landscraper' London HQ Becoming Longest Property In The UK

Google first said that it would be building a new London HQ way back in 2013. That new HQ will be built at the King's Cross Central devolvement and plans for the structure have now been unveiled. Google's new HQ will likely be the longest property in the UK when completed and is being called a "landscraper."

google landscraper

Rather than building up like a skyscraper, this building will be very long -- 1,100 feet long to be exact once completed. London's tallest building is The Shard, which is 1,016 feet tall making the new Google building longer than The Shard is tall. The building is expected to be the first of its kind in the world and the so-called landscraper could become more popular in the U.S. over the next few decades.

Futurist Amy Webb said, "Landscrapers will create entirely new city footprints that we just haven't seen yet in the US, and could make life easier and more realistic."

Construction is set to kick off in 2018 and the building will be 11-stories tall, will have a million square feet of space, and will house 700 employees when it is finished. Renderings show a building with a park on top with lots of trees and green plants and a swimming pool is said to be part of the design. The landscraper design will have some safety features that high-rise buildings can't offer.

Webb said, "Climate change-driven weather events like hurricanes are becoming more frequent and aggressive. In the future, it will become increasingly risky to build high-rises, which can sway several feet in extreme wind."

Google isn’t the only one looking to greatly expand its headquarters. Microsoft is also making some big changes to its headquarters in Redmond. The software giant is adding a major expansion to its campus and will put a heavy focus on walkers and bikes. All cars will be moved to underground parking garages. The expansion is expected to bring the potential for 8,000 new workers in addition to sports fields and green space.