Google Starts Rolling +1 Button To Websites Themselves

The digital world, and the Internet in particular, is getting a lot more social. By the day now, things are becoming more and more connected, and Google's making up for lost time with their newest addition. The +1 button has been rolling out since March, giving users the ability to recommend content to your friends and contacts directly from Google search results and ads. But Google noticed something: oftentimes, users wanted to "+1 a page" while on it.

This week, the company's introducing +1 buttons to the entire Internet. As a result, you might start seeing +1 appear on sites large and small across the Internet. Google has partnered with a few sites where you’ll see +1 buttons in the near future:

With a single click you can recommend that raincoat, news article or favorite sci-fi movie to friends, contacts and the rest of the world. If you see a site you like, +1 it. It's like Liking a webpage, in a sense. If you’re a webmaster, you can get the +1 button code and learn more about implementation on the company's +1 webmaster site.

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