Google TV Play And Watch Bundle Deal Offers Chromecast And Stadia Game Controller For $100

google stadia watch and play chromecast bundle
With the current supply issues surrounding computer parts, building a PC may be out of the question for a little while; but people still want to game. Thankfully, subscription cloud-based gaming is becoming a more viable option as time goes on, and Google is now trying to bolster that with a new Chromecast bundle to bring Google TV and Stadia into people’s homes.

Stepping above the now-discounted Stadia “Premiere” bundle, the new “Play and Watch” bundle comes with a Chromecast featuring Google TV as well as a Stadia controller for an all-in-one gaming and TV-watching experience.

bundle google stadia watch and play chromecast bundle

If you want to grab this bundle, it will cost you $99, equating to 17% savings over buying each piece separately. For another $10, there is an Ethernet adapter for the Chromecast, which should help ensure a smooth gaming experience. Also, another nice-to-have is being able to customize the kit some, as the Chromecast is available in Snow, Sunrise, and Sky colors while the Stadia controller itself has the options of Clearly White, Just Black, and Wasabi.

If you are not quite as interested in Google TV, the Stadia Premiere bundle will let you enjoy cloud gaming for $20 less at $79.99 on top of the base Stadia subscription. If this is still too pricey, though, we can also expect to see some decent sales come up on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, which are not all that far away.

Edit: Updated to reference the Stadia subscription fees.