Google Talks First Party Games And Future Prospects For Stadia Streaming Service

google stadia
The launch of Stadia is right around the corner, and ahead of that launch Google VP and head of Stadia Games & Entertainment Jade Raymond is talking about the strategy for the game streaming service. Raymond says that her task at Google is to build out all the exclusive content for Stadia, and the company intends to build out "a few different first-party studios."

First-party studios mean that Google plans to have exclusive games for the Stadia service developed by indies and other external partners. Google announced its very first, first-party studio this week in Montreal. Raymond notes that it is very important in her opinion for the first-party games on Stadia to be titles that would be impossible on other platforms.

There are two ways that Raymond sees games impossible on other platforms being made for Stadia. One is games that normal consoles or PCs couldn't handle because the games can be built to Google's hardware, not the hardware in users' homes since all the software number crunching is done in the cloud. She says that there are a lot of things being cloud-native enables that can't be done on other dedicated platforms.

Things that can't be done on other platforms include items like more detailed simulations, more advanced AI behavior, or MMO-like experiences that redefine the genre. Raymond says she wants to see what devs create when hardware constraints are significantly lifted. She also says that the second opportunity is in incorporating non-gaming tech into Stadia games, such as YouTube. As for timing, it could be several years for a new AAA game, but it won't be longer than four years Raymond says. Once the AAA first-party games start flowing, she says that there will be additional titles coming out every year.

Third-party games will be the first to the service with games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, taking advantage of exclusive functionality on Google Stadia. Google Stadia will launch on November 19, and Google has confirmed that wireless play with the controller will only work with the Chromecast Ultra at launch.