Google Smart Displays Are Now Much Easier To Live With Thanks To These Updates

smart displays
Smart Displays, according to Google, are becoming “a hub that entertains and connects the whole home and whole family, all day (and night) long.” Google's updates need to reflect that sentiment, so Google has implemented ten new features to make Smart Displays a little better. These updates help to create a “brand new experience that builds on the smarts of Google and visual capabilities of Smart Displays.”

To start your day off right, Google introduced the “Your Morning” page to get reminders for meetings, morning news, and weather for the day. If you are not feeling like getting out of bed, you can turn up the temperature or turn on some lights in the “Home Control” page, which gives you access to your smart devices in one place. Also, if the light is a little harsh on your eyes, you can be woken up with the “Sunrise Alarm” which increases the brightness of the display “30 minutes before your alarm goes off, mimicking the sunrise, so you wake up naturally.”
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With work from home being prevalent now, you can do a lot for more work and play during the day. If you want to catch a TV show or listen to a podcast, you can now do that in the “Media” page. If your boss catches “The Boys” or “The Mandalorian” in the background of your Zoom meeting, you can use the Smart Display as your Zoom or Google Meet device in the “Communicate” tab. On Google Meet meetings in the Nest Hub Max, you will always be in frame with the auto-frame functionality, so the people you are talking to do not see something they do not want to.

After the day is over and you want to relax, you can turn on white noise from your Smart Display in the “Your evening” page. You can set the sounds on a timer or have them go all night long. After you turn the lights off, the screen can seem bright, so Google has also implemented a dark theme to make the viewing experience better. Overall, this is only a small snippet of features to make life better with Smart Displays. Google has implemented more things that you can see on the “Discover” page to find out what your Smart Display can do. You can read Google's blog to find out more about these enhancements to Smart Displays.