Google Slashes Price on Nexus 4 Smartphone: Is The Next Nexus Near?

Remember a year ago? It's tough, for sure, but right about this time last year, Google introduced its latest Nexus smartphone. The LG-built Nexus 4 wasn't quite as high-end as prior Nexus units, but then again, neither was the price. Now, however, the price is moving south, and it's clearly in "darn near irresistible" territory at this point. If you're looking for a stable, reliable, unlocked Android smartphone that'll be on the upgrade train (in terms of Android point releases, that is) for the foreseeable future, look no further.

The Nexus 4 has fallen to just $199 for the 8GB unit, representing a staggering $100 price cut. The 16GB model has fallen as well, with its asking price now at $249. The drops aren't just for the U.S., either, as Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Korea and the United Kingdom are catching a break as well. Google hasn't made clear whether this is a limited time offer or not, but it's a stellar deal on a very solid phone.

The only hesitation? This probably means that the next Nexus phone is inbound soon, so if you're longing for the latest and greatest, you still may want to hold off.