Google Shows Off Refreshed Gmail Interface

Google's Gmail has been largely the same for years on end. When the service launched, the "threaded" view caught most people by surprise. It took a bit of time for that to become "the norm," and now, e-mail clients that lack threaded messaging are essentially seen as lackluster. So, with Google recently cleaning out services that were destined for a dead-end, they're sinking a lot of time and effort into refreshing those services that are sticking around for the long haul. Like Gmail.

The company recently uploaded a clip that teases the new, revised user interface of Gmail. It caters to various sized displays, enables a ton of resizing, brings about wild new themes, and makes things altogether more colorful. The real gist of it is making things more like a conversion, and the new search box is also more intuitive. There's no word on when exactly it will roll out to users, but it looks pretty much fully-baked at this point. Have a look at the video for more.
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