Google Self-Driving Car Brings Bone-Crushing Carmageddon To GTA V

Google Self-Driving Car

Google has made some giant strides in its autonomous vehicle initiative logging more than 1.5 million miles testing self-driving cars to date, mostly without incident, but shocking footage of a prototype vehicle running amok in Los Santos will surely have regulators scrambling to drum up new rules.

Yes, we're talking about the fictional city in Grand Theft Auto V. YouTuber 'pizzaforbreakfast' created a faux news report purporting to give a first look inside Google's bubbly self-driving car as it whizzes through the streets and sidewalks of Los Santos with reckless abandon. Carnage and hilarity ensue, as is the staple of the GTA series.

"Feel free to text and drive, or take a nap for that matter. It identifies people, other cars, and everything," the narrating news reporter explains.

Things start off innocently enough—Google's prototype vehicle rolls into a parking lot sporting a vanity San Andreas license plate, picks up a passenger, and off they go. Moments later it's seen mowing pedestrians down and ramming into the back of other vehicles. It's pretty much what you would imagine might happen if the car from Christine ever possessed the A.I. in Google's self-driving cars.

You also get the impression that this video represents exactly the kind of nightmare situations that regulators opposing autonomous vehicles dream about. Save for an incident where a self-driving car clipped a public bus while changing lanes, Google's autonomous vehicle testing has been promising.