Google Search Will Soon Display Live Local TV Listings As You Search Your Favorite Shows

Google today announced that it's adding live TV listings to search. That means when you perform search for a TV show, such as Lucifer or Billions (both highly recommended, by the way), you'll not only see apps and sites where you can catch the latest episode, but also see which channel(s) you can tune to in the evening for a live viewing.

Of course, this can be a little tricky with there being so many different cable and satellite TV providers. To make sure the information it's providing to you is relevant, Google will let you select your specific provider for personalized results. You'll also see cards that provide additional information about the content you're looking up.

Google TV Listing

"There are now more ways to watch your favorite TV shows than ever before. This shift has some even saying that we’re in the “golden age” of television. And what we're seeing is that more and more, viewers are turning to their phones to find out what to watch, where to watch it and when it’s available -- in fact, searches for TV shows and films on mobile have grown more than 55% in the past year alone," Google stated in a blog post.

Google didn't say when it will implement live TV listings to search results, though presumably it will be soon. It's one way Google plans to leverage what it says is the rebirth of TV. Google's plan also includes more personalized TV ads through DoubleClick's Dynamic Ad insertion. According to Google, viewers both expect and demand personalized content, including ads.

"This makes ads hyper relevant for viewers across any screen that they watch. By creating individual streams for every viewer using server side ad insertion, we are able to deliver a better, more personalized viewing experience that looks and feels as seamless as TV today," Google added.

So there you have—more relevant search information to plan an evening on the couch and perhaps ads you might actually be interested in (or so Google says).