Google Search Adds Bitcoin Currency To Price Calculator

The somewhat controversial cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin continues to show signs that it's here to stay, as opposed to a passing tech fad. More and more companies are starting to accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services, and even Google is embracing it, or at least acknowledging that it's an important part of today's Internet culture. In collaboration with Coinbase, you can now look up conversion rates for Bitcoin using Google Search.

Google Finance partnered with Coinbase a month ago to launch a Bitcoin price tracker that allowed for quick and easy BTC-to-fiat price conversions compatible with a range of global currencies, from the Icelandic króna to the United States dollar. Now you can look up real-time and automatic conversions in Google Search.

Bitcoin Conversion

"You can also ask Google to do conversions -- if you have the Google Search app on your smartphone, for example, you can ask it, 'How many Bitcoin are in 500 U.S. dollars?' and you'll get the answer in a handy conversion tool," a spokeperson for Google said, according to CoinDesk.

If you're curious how much Bitcoin is worth around the world, just type "Bitcoin price" to bring up the tool. At the time of this writing, Google indicates that a single Bitcoin is equivalent to $620.62 in U.S. currency. That's a 620 percent leap from February 2011, though down from a high of more than $1,000 in January of this year.