Google Seals Twitch Gaming Live Streaming Service Deal For A Cool $1 Billion

Google’s acquisition of Twitch, the increasingly popular video game broadcaster, is complete. The deal was first announced back in May, and Google has signed the all-cash offer of a billion dollars. Suddenly, the YouTube juggernaut is even more powerful and expansive.

According to VentureBeat’s sources familiar with the matter, the exact price is unknown but Twitch’s early investors are pleased with the manifold return on investment they’re now enjoying.


Twitch has some exciting days ahead. Amid acquisition talks, the company announced plans to build a studio in San Francisco where their top-notch contributors can produce high-end content and new talent can develop their abilities as streamers.

Twitch has some 45 million visitors each month, and it’s been steadily rolling out new features such as Twitch Live Annotations on YouTube.