Dev Responds To Play Store Ad Fraud Allegations After Google Removes 46 Of Its Apps

Several apps from a developer with ties to China's Baidu were caught committing click fraud and sending information to China without the knowledge of the app users. When the revelation of the apps committing click fraud first surfaced, Google had stated that the six apps initially had been blacklisted and were no longer usable. The apps included Selfie Camera app, Omni Cleaner, RAM Master, Smart Cooler, Total Cleaner, and AIO Flashlight.

du apps

Google now appears to be making a move that could see every app published by the developer removed from the Google Play store. So far more than 40 apps from the developer have gotten the ax. Before being caught in the click fraud scheme, the developer had around 100 apps with over 600 million installs between them.

ZDNet cites sources claiming to be close to the matter as stating that DO Global may be issued an outright ban for its activities. Google has made no public statement about what it intends to do to the developer. All we know now is that the apps the developer made are disappearing from the store.

DO Global has responded to the ban of its apps and the reports about the massive click fraud scheme and has said that an internal investigation is underway. The developer stated that it understands and accepts Google's decision. It also admitted in the statement that it had found "irregularities" in the use of AdMob advertisements by some of its apps. The developer also notes that it has cooperated with Google during the investigation. It has promised to communicate in a more timely manner in the future and to "continue conducting a comprehensive review of our products."